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the south of the Panshan mountain where I reverse me。The grand city of Tianjin is the light of the Chinese civil。

Over 600 years ago,Zhu di Cheng emperor of the ming dynasty named city Tian,meaning the emperors fairy place,nine rivers converge at Tian。These unique location produces a mixed local culture。杨柳青new year pictures on power with those produced at taohua wu among the finance in China。The technique of拟人张clay figures which emerged two centuries ago was passed on to today。

Tianjin also known as the land of qe various forms of qe folk arts flourishes with a great number of famous performance。Today Tianjin stew has many tea houses and civil groups for various schools of crops talks,clever talk,storytelling with drama accompaniment,ancient music,popular opera and et ce。Tianjin is the paid me of Chinese contemporary development as a window for opening up to the outside world。Tianjin was a front runner in many areas in modern Chinese history and his home to many well known business brand after the founding of the people's Republic of China。The industrial development was even more impress。The first watch color TV set,telephone and camera in China were all produced in this northern city。

The clashes between Chinese and western civilization shapes the unique pattern of the urban development in Tian,archaic traditional style architecture co exist with modern western style on。

Tianjin now has 113 historic sites under city prote and over 100 sides under districts and county prote。Famous sites such as Confucius temple,dula temple,dobby temple,the great mo。 She can Catholic church are well pre despite the UPS and downs over the past century,they are a Moscow for tourists from home and a the western style buildings in Tianjin are known as the expo for international architect。

The over 2,000 garden velas,gothic style,z Zhulin church,renaissance style,French,municipal administrative council and romantic style asked the hotel all pre they represent the very best of world architecture at the beginning of 20 century and on the reason why Tianjin is known as the paid me of China's contemporary develop。These western style buildings bear witnessed the dramatic changes in modern Chinese his as well as the development of the city of Tian。

In2012,the Tianjin municipal culture center was open to public Tianjin museum,Tianjin art gallery,Tianjin library and Tianjin Grand Theatre are all new landmarks of the city。Tianjin museum has over 200,000 culture relics,including nearly one thousand first grade cultural relics,tai Baoding,a west Joe dy。A national treasure is among its Coll。Every year Tianjin Grand Theatre stages over 100 high level performance。This makes Tianjin one of the few cities in China where people can enjoy life opera performance。Tianjin is home to a number of critical minded and self reflecting intellectuals such as严复and梁启超is one of the first places where。

Communism was spread in China。It is also the birds plays for the country's first modern university and the first private univers。

In recent years。

Tianjin pressed ahead with technological innovation and administrative re promoted openness and innovation and encouraged cooperation and ex projects such as Tianhe,one super computer heaven lift the rockets are settled here。They have become the new symbols of Tian。

Now Tianjin is facing new development opportunities brought by a number of national strateg,including coordinate development between Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei PRO。

National innovation demonstration zone,Free trade zone and one belt,one road initia。It is supposed to achieve even greater success。

Tianjin is the municipality directly under the central government that has mountains,rivers,lakes and sea is also known as Jiangnan in the North。It is endowed with extensive,plain,fertile and verdant mountain forests,many rivers and lakes and var development of its rich tourist resources is yielding increasing benefi。

In recent years,significant changes have taken place in the,urban sky。It has become a livable city with blue sky,clear water and dense forest cover。From August 27th to September the8th,the13th national games will be held here。Tianjin will welcome its guest with a brand new。


winning people support is the ultimate goal of politic。This is only possible if the people enjoy better。


Tianjin,municipal government always takes improving people's life as the Top prior。It invested heavily and carried out ten projects with 20 items closely related to people's well be,greater social progress,better social security,more innovative and advanced social management。The governing philosophy of putting people first as well as the smile on people's faces all explains the true meaning of the city of Happ。Tianjin,a city with 600 years history is enjoying greater vitality of the new historical period with great economic strengths,higher status and more influence in regional econom。

The world is developing rapidly guided by the concept of innovation,coordination,green,openness,and Sha。Tianjin is determined to carry out the strategy of boosting innovation,driven growth and stimulate the creativity of the whole soci。

Based on the targets made by the cpc Central Committee,and the State Council,Tianjin were developing to an advanced iron debate and international shipping center in North China。A demonstration zone for innovative financial operation and a pioneer in reform and opening up to the outside world。It will March your hand towards the goal of Complete the building of moderately prosperous society in all respect。



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